We are not an online service.  All testing is in person and includes a pre-test consult and facilitation of sample collection. 

Appointment bookings require a $280.00 non-refundable deposit and fully paid before or at your appointment.

Testing includes: 

  • 30 minute consult for two individuals, and one child.
  • Consent and saliva swab sample collection on site
  • Courier of samples to laboratory
  • Result report provided to all consenting adults
  • One follow-up phone call

Paternity Testing

Trio testing of mother, alleged father and child


Additional father or child


Additional appointment required


Legal testin- total cost


NIPPT – Non-Invasive Pregnancy Paternity Testing

Mother and alleged father


Additional alleged father


Additional appointment required


Blood collection per person


Maternity testing

Mother and Child


Additional mother or child


Additional appointment required


Legal testing – total cost



Two individuals/children


Family / kinship testing

Per person tested



Result by email included in testing cost


In person, or video-call result disclosure


Additional appointment


Additional Follow-up

Phone calls or emails are charged in 15 minute blocks


Counselling Services

50 minute session for up to two individuals


If you obtain a mental health plan from your GP, rebates will apply.