Paternity WA facilitates testing for individuals that want to know with more certainty, are they the biological parent. 

We provide appointments in person, or test kits can be sent directly to your home.   

Testing can be legal or for peace of mind. 

If requiring separate appointments, this can be arranged.

A paternity test determines the likelihood an individual being the child’s biological parent.

More than one possible father can be tested at the same time, or after the first test.  This does not require an additional sample taken from the child.

Legal – results are admissible in a court of law. 

Peace of mind – for you to know.

DNA is obtained by a cheek swab.  We do not accept any other samples.

All samples collected are with the full consent of the individual/s.

Testing of minors requires the mother or legal guardian of the child, to be present and provide consent for testing.

Testing is not exclusively for babies or children; adult children may wish to confirm biological parentage.